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Fortunately ever more men in Amsterdam find their way to the beauty salon. We offer and extensive range of beauty treatments especially for men. A man’s skin can take a lot and is about 25% thicker and more elastic than a woman’s. But just water, soap and after-shave are certainly not sufficient! Good skin-care is worth your while. Because it is also true for men that the better you feel, the more you show it. For further information look under Skin Improvement Men. .

Men can also visit our salon for several facial treatments but also for ingrowing facial hair, irritated skin, acne, pigmentation and scars as well as unwanted hair growth.

Our method
Before the treatment you will have a free consultation. This way the skin therapist can assess your skin and advise a treatment plan. During this consultation you can make your first appointment, we will explain the treatment and answer all your questions and discuss the possibility of reimbursements.

Beauty Clinic Lotus, the beauty salon for men in Amsterdam.

If you have any questions about our pedicure treatments at Beauty Clinic Lotus in Amsterdam, then fill out the contact form or call 020-7732335 to make an appointment.
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