Cellulites/deep tissue massage/ultrasound treatment Amsterdam

Beauty Clinic Lotus in Amsterdam offers lipo-massage treatments. Sometimes exercise and diet aren’t enough to counteract local fat deposits, skin slackening and cellulite. Women are genetically programmed to store more fat during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Moreover, the skin loses its elasticity when it ages. The typical problem areas are upper legs, hips, buttocks and stomach. Lipo-massage and/or ultra-sound treatments work on all these factors. Lipo-massage/ultrasound is a localised treatment which takes about 15 minutes per zone. For more detailed information, look under Cellulite Skin Slackening or Ultrasound.

Our method
Before the hair removal treatment you will have a free consultation. This way the skin therapist can assess your skin and make a treatment plan. The lipo-massage or ultrasound treatment will be explained and depending on the amount of fat deposits, cellulite or skin slackening we will choose the best treatment. During the first consultation you can an appointment for the first treatment and all your questions will be answered. We will also advise you on how to best take care of your skin at home.

For a lipo-massage in Amsterdam go to Beauty Clinic Lotus!
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If you have any questions about the lipomassage or ultrasound treatment at Beauty Clinic Lotus in Amsterdam, then fill out the contact form or call 020-7732335.

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