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Teeth Whitening

Instantly whiter teeth in just 1 treatment 

Every naturally has a radiant white smile. Through the consumption of products such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, cigarettes and wine are start to lose their whiteness. This happens to everyone to some extent. In recent years more and more people have treated this discolouration using different treatment (usually with peroxide). Now you can whiten your teeth at Beauty Clinic Lotus. We bleach without peroxide. The active ingredient we use in natrium, i.e. salt. This gets rid of the tarnish which has built up over the years. We use a combination of “whitening” LED light and non-peroxide whitening gel. This method is absolutely safe and completely painless. The treatment only lasts an hour and your teeth will be 3 to 7 shades lighter.Treatment 100 minutes

– Very safe method of teeth whitening
– result guaranteed
– Peroxide-free
– Completely pain-free, both before and after the treatment-head
– Very sensitive teeth can also be treated
– Immediately visible results
– Inexpensive

What to keep in mind:
Artificial teeth such as bridges, crowns and fillings cannot be whitened. You will need to have healthy teeth to undergo this treatment. We recommend you do not consume any colourants, either in food or drink, and not to smoke within 24 hours after the treatment. For the best results we advise to have you teeth cleaned by a mouth hygienist before having the treatment. You cannot have this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Price teeth whitening treatment: Now for €75,-  instead of €95,(60 minutes)

Intantly whiter teeth in just 1 treatment.



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