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The perfect solution for unwanted body hair. Everyone who has hair in places they would prefer
not to have any knows the problems of always having to shave, wax or depilate. All of this is now
belongs to the past thanks to a fast, new hair removal method: the ELOS technique. The method to
to remove unwanted hair safely, fast and almost painlessly for both women and men.
The ELOS technique works using a combination of light and high-frequency waves supplemented
by cooling, removing your hair permanently. Incredible results after just one treatment.
The big advantage of the ELOS technique is that is it exceptionally safe for the skin compared
to IPL, because this combination techniques using a lot less light to destroy the hair follicle. It’s
because of this that this technique is safe for all skin-types.
Because of the selective action only the hair follicle and the hair shaft are treated and not the
surrounding tissue. The cooled hand-piece ensure comfort during the treatment and it therefore less
hard on the skin and the chance of blisters or burns is almost zero. At the moment this is the safest
technique. The hair removal is almost painless, only at places where there are many nerves close the
surface you may experience it as a pinprick, for example in the groin area, the ankles, the neck and
Hair grows in three phases:
*the anagen phase;
*the catagen phase;
*the telogen phase.

The anagen phase is the growth phase. During the catagen phase growth and pigment formation
stop and the hair is just pushed out of the hair follicle. The telogen phase is the rest phase. Only
visible growing hair can be treated., this is hair in the anagen phase. Loose, dormant and not yet
visible hair doesn’t absorb enough light and cannot be treated effectively. Therefore you will need
several treatments. For the best result you will need on average around 10 treatments.
You will see the effect after 2 to 4 weeks – some of the treated hair will start to loosen and hairless
areas will develop. You will know the treatment is effective in your case and that it makes sense to
You mustn’t sunbathe or use a sun bed 4 till 6 weeks before and during your treatment. If sun exposure is
unavoidable, we recommend you use sunblock with a factor higher than 30 SPF.

Package deal:

Ladies Diode
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laser or Elos
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Sideburn€60,-€40,-€300,-€200,-Full face€180,-€130,-€900,-€650,-
Upper lip€60,-€39,-€300,-€195,-Throat€75,-€60,-€375,-€300,-
Full face€150,-€100,-€750,-€500,-Neck€75,-€60,-€375,-€300,-
Throat€70,-€55,-€350,-€275,-Whole arms€220,-€150,-€1100,-€750,-
Bikini-line Small€85,-€70,-€425,-€350,-Shoulders€135,-€95,-€675,-€475,-
Bikini-line Medium€110,-€89,-€550,-€445,-Lowerback€135,-€95,-€675,-€475,-
Bikini-line Big(total)€140,-€105,-€700,-€525,-Whole back€210,-€150,-€1050,-€750,-
Whole legs€320,-€199,-€1600,-€995,-Chest+Belly€270,-€210,-€1350,-€1050,-
Lower or
Upper legs
€170,-€115,-€850,-€575,-Whole legs€320,-€240,-€1600,-€1200,-
€65,-€50,-€325,-€250,-Lower legs€185,-€130,-€850,-€650,-
Whole arms€200,-€150,-€1000,-€750,-Upper legs€185,-€130,-€850,-€650,-
Lower or
Whole back€210,-€150,-€1050,-€750,-
Lower back€135,-€85,-€675,-€425,-
Armpit+Bikini small-line€180,-€95,-€900,-€475,-
Upper Legs or
Lower legs + armpit + bikini small
Whole legs
+armpit+bikini small

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To prevent your skin from defend itself against light by making a lot of pigment (hyper-
pigmentation) after your treatment, we recommend you wait a month before sunbathing or going
to a sun bed. In summer or doing winter sports you should therefore cover your skin with clothes
or use a sunblock of more than 30 SPF if exposing treated areas to sunlight is unavoidable. In
addition we recommend you don’t use self-tanning lotions from 2 weeks before until 1 week after
the treatment, as they contain a substance which reacts to light. The hair follicles which have been

effectively treated can never produce hair again. You can count on an estimated hair reduction 80%
to 90%. Expecting 100% smoothness isn’t realistic. Unfortunately, there are hair follicles under our
skin which are dormant or which only produce a light down. They can activate because of hormonal
changes in a later stage of our lives, for example during pregnancy, menopause, use of medication
(antibiotics, hormone preparations).
It does mean you will stay free of unwanted body hair for many years. It could happen to some
hair comes back, but never with the same density. In that case you just need a small maintenance
Permanent hair removal with ELOS is really safe. It doesn’t damage the skin. ELOS reaches a depth
of maximum of 4.5mm. Only if there is actually a hair-root present will heat be generated. So the
heat will never go any deeper than the hair and the hair follicle. The light is only absorbed by hair
pigments, to other tissue there’s no conductivity.
Treating very dark skin is absolutely possible. With very dark skin (black skin) we first do a test
with a very mild setting on an inconspicuous place of the body, for example the back of an armpit.
If the skin takes the treatment well we can do a second test with a higher setting. The part we are
testing will be shaved beforehand.
At least 4 to 6 weeks before the treatment you will need to stop waxing or epilating, because the
hair is needed in order to conduct the effective heat inwards. During the treatment you also mustn’t
epilate or or wax. Shaving, however, is permitted.
On the day of the treatment or one day beforehand you will need to shave the target area, preferably
with a disposable laser. Do not use razors a shaving systems which pull the hair out a small bit
before, because the hair will sink back into the skin afterwards and therefore cannot be used to
conduct the heat.
Only the for the first appointment you should come unshaven, so that we judge the target area and
can make a photo in order to compare it to the end result. However, if you come unshaven after the
first appointment we will lose a lot of times shaving. You will receive shaving instructions in due
It is possible that your health care insurer will cover treatments in the facial area. Your health
insurer can tell you exactly how much is covered. Most health insurers cover all of a large part of the cost
of facial hair removal.
Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a consultation, this is free. A test flash is free as well.

We don’t do hair removal treatments in case of:
*pacemaker or internal defibrillator
*shingles (blisters, itching and nerve pain)
*fresh operation scars (possible after two months
*use of certain light-sensitive medication
*infection inhibitors (inhibit cells which is necessary to normalise the skin, such as Prednison
*metal in or under the skin in the treatment area
*pins or screws in joints and bones
*piercings will have to be taking out temporarily
*implants in the lower jaw if we are treating the chin
*tattoos (chance of skin burns and fading of the tattoo)
*being sick with acute infection or fever
*active cold sore (okay three weeks afterwards)

*hypersensitivity of the skin after cancer radiation therapy

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