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Bio peeling/ Chinese herbal

Neoderma Bio peeling treatment. The biopeeling (Chinese herbal peeling) – the unique organic peeling from Neoderma has been developed by a dermatologist / cosmetologist and is based on a combination of algae, purely natural plan ingredients and essential oils. After the peeling, the skin will get a red glow, which will disappear after at least 48 hours. The skin starts to flake 3 days after you have had the peeling. The protocol that you receive describes how you can take care of your skin at home. The Neoderma Bio-peeling promotes cell renewal, the production of collagen and elastin and normalizes the immunity and all functions of the skin.  The Neoderma Bio-peeling is suitable for all skin types. Both for woman and  men, for face and body. even for the dark skin. Applicable all year round, even in the summer months. The Neoderma Bio-peeling treatment can be applied preventively one or as a cure 3x in 20 days.

The Biopeeling is based on the collaboration of various herbs in the treatment and the ingredient perfluorocarbon in the gel and cram for home use. The Biopeeling accelerates the cell division of the skin. ( normally in about 28 days by Neoderma in 10 days). This stimulates skin metabolism and collagen production. The Biopeeling has a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect and none of the skin layers are affected.

The Bio-peeling reduces skin problems such as:


-Acne scars


-Skin aging

-Poorly perfused skin


Since this is not an ordinary treatment but an intense therapy, please take this information into account:

-Drink plenty water: preferably 2 liters per day

-Wear sun protection every day: preferably Spf 30

Have you undergone the Biopeeling treatment? Then during and up to a week after the last treatment:

-Not under the sunbed

-not really sunbathing

-do not bleed through te kin




Neoderma Biopeeling incl deep cleansing (60 min) € 89,50 

Neoderma Biopeeling cure 3x in 20 days € 250,-




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Did you know?
Did you know you can have a biopeeling treatment during the summer months? It is even a very good idea to have a biopeeling treatment 8-10 days before your holidays, because this ensures a beautiful even tan.
In principle you can go into the sunshine 24 hours after a Neoderma Biopeeling, as long as you use the Blue Blood Sun Cream (with Perfluocarbon). You’ll need to re-apply this ever 3-4 hours.
Are you susceptible to pigmentation? Then it’s important (even without biopeeling) to use good sun-protection at all times!

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