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Beauty Clinic Lotus closes the doors until April 6 in connection with the coronavirus.
This means that your appointment will be canceled until April 6.
We will contact you to schedule a new appointment. If you have a question about this in the meantime you can send a mail or you can call us (see contact)

You can already book your appointment online or by telephone or email.

Beauty Clinic Lotus is an institute where skin improvement, skin rejuvenation and hair removal are our main focus. Because when your skin shines, you shine.

Free consult

You can make an appointment free of charge for a skin analysis. We will inform you about the best treatment for your skin type. This is free and without any obligations so don’t hesitate and make an appointment. Do you have a specific problem? Beauty Clinic Lotus is specialized in various solutions for a range of skin problems. Each skin is different. That’s why each skin needs a different approach.

This Month’s offers

Diode laser treatments

Diode laser hair removal 50% now on all the treatment


50% discount on all Cryolipolysis treatment now

50% discount on an introduction cryolipolysis beh. from € 250 for € 125 package deal 3 treatments from € 750 now for € 375


Microdermabrasie incl. hyaluron and ultrasound now  € 99,00 instead of €129,-

Microdermabrasie incl. hyaluron and mesotherapy now € 109,00 instead of €139,-

Teeth Whitening

Discount on tooth whitening
From € 90,00 Now € 75,-

Safe and painless (65 minutes)

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