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In addition to being an oasis of tranquility, Beauty Clinic Lotus is a professional clinic in the field of anti-aging, skin improvement, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, contour improvement / figure correction, body treatments and permanent make-up. We specialize in optimizing and improving the condition of the skin. We offer a wide range of treatment techniques and advanced equipment and products.

Beauty Clinic Lotus is an institute where skin improvement, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal and contour improvement are central.

The skin care products we use and recommend for home use have won many awards. Your skin is our concern. Therefore, make an appointment for a free skin analysis, so that we can draw up a completely personal treatment plan. We are happy to inform you about the best care for your skin type and explain which treatment is most suitable for you. This consultation is free of cost without obligations, so do not hesitate to make an appointment. We are open from Monday to Saturday and from 1 December we are also open on Sundays. See the opening hours at contact

Do you have a specific problem?
Beauty Clinic Lotus specializes in numerous solutions for various skin problems. Laser hair removal thanks to the unique technology and the improved cooling system of the diode laser to be treated quickly, effectively and comfortably. Through cryolipolysis treatments you can lose weight locally with excellent results. Em-musclesculpt is a treatment to increase muscle mass and tighten the body.

Make an appointment for an introductory trial treatment with a 50% discount for laser hair removal, cryolipolysis and Em-musclesculpt.

Free consult

You can make an appointment free of charge for a skin analysis. We will inform you about the best treatment for your skin type. This is free and without any obligations so don’t hesitate and make an appointment. Do you have a specific problem? Beauty Clinic Lotus is specialized in various solutions for a range of skin problems. Each skin is different. That’s why each skin needs a different approach.

This Month’s offers

Diode laser treatmentsNow temporarily Armpits from €70,- for €25,- 

Package: 5 +1 free!

Would you rather buy a package? When purchasing a package you pay 5 treatments and you get 1 treatment for free.


66%  introduction discount on Cryolipolysis treatment

66% introduction-discount on cryolipolysis treatment from € 300 for € 100,- package deal 3 treatments from € 900 now for € 499,-


Microdermabrasie incl. hyaluron and ultrasound now 20% discount € 119,00 instead of €139,-

Microdermabrasie incl. hyaluron and mesotherapy now 20% discount € 139,00 instead of €159,-

RF en microneedeling
RF en microneedeling face  €250,- /3 behandelingen voor €650,-
RF en microneedeling face and neck  €325,-/ 3 behandelingen voor  €780,-

Radiofrequention treatment. (RF treatment)


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