Hair Removal on a Natural Basis

Unwanted body hair can be frustrating. Those who have it, would love to be rid of it. Now there is Epilfree, a new system for permanent hair removal on a natural basis. Often 8 to 12 treatment are sufficient and it’s a good alternative to laser or IPL. Epilfree is suitable for everyone.

Advantages of Epilfree:

Epilfree stands for permanent hair removal on a natural basis.
Epilfree can be used for all hair colours and skin types, but it is particularly suitable for blonde, grey, red and downy hair.
Epilfree hair removal works well for men and women of all ages.
Epilfree products are based on natural ingredients.
Epilfree has be proven to be effective.
Epilfree permits sunbathing.



Epilfree has been developed by Dr Yoel Konis, who has been a cosmetic researcher for the K.Y.P. Cosmetics Technology Company for over 25 years. For many years has done research into the role of herbs and plants in the curing of skin disorders in which “alchemilla vulgaris” (lady’s mantle) played a central part. In search of a suitable ingredient in the plants, Dr Konis discovered a remarkable side-effect: the hair in the treated area didn’t grow back.

The effective and permanent function of Epilfree has been internationally researched and clinically tested, also in combination with hair removal using laser or IPL.

Price indication:
Bovenlip Upper lip € 20,-
Chin € 40,-
Cheeks/sideburns €50,-
Throat € 50,-
Face € 100,-
Lower legs € 100,-
Upper legs € 110,-
Lower arms € 70,-
Bikini-line from € 60,-
Under-arms € 70,-

Back for men (including shoulders up to buttocks) € 175,-
Shoulder for men € 75,-

Further prices on request.

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