Electric Epilation

In electric epilation we can discern three methods:
• Epilation with high-frequency alternating current (diathermy)
• Epilation with direct current (electrolysis)
• Epilation with a combination of these two methods (blended method)

Electric epilation using the blended method.

This is the newest method and for several reasons the preferred way of electric hair removal. The
advantages: faster than electrolysis/less painful then diathermy/less danger of scarring/suitable for
all hair colours, including white and grey hair. It’s a permanent hair removal method with only a
slim chance of re-growth.
The needle of the epilation device is inserted along the hair into the hair follicle, thereby reaching
the root. Using a little power surge the root is heated so that it can easily be removed from its shaft.
This permanent hair removal method takes a lot of time and is quite labour intensive (every hair
is removed individually), and therefore it is expensive. This method is effectively permanent/all
colours are treatable, including grey and white hair. Because we can only eliminate one hair follicle
at a time, you will need several treatments. Electrical depilation can also be a good supplementary
treatment to Laser/IPL/ELOS hair removal so as to catch the last few remaining hairs.



15 minutes: € 40,00 (start rate)

(Per 5 minutes + € 12,50)


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