Diode laser hair removal package deal:6 treatments for armpits €125,- Introduction treatment Armpits From €70 now for €25

Thanks to the unique technology and the improved cooling system of the diode laser 810 ice, you can experience fast, effective and comfortable treatment with the excellent technique. On average you need 6-8 treatments for a silky smooth and hair-free result.

Final laser removal

Do you suffer from unwanted and/or excessive hair growth? Where the hairs are clearly visible, such as in the face, arms and legs, final laser hair removal is the solution to your unwanted hair growth. It works fast and is very effective.

Free trial treatment. Call to make an appointment for a free trial treatment 0207732335

Reimbursement by health insurance
It is possible to have the costs for laser hair removal in the face (partially) reimbursed by your health insurance. Contact your health insurance company for more information. Unfortunately, the costs for laser hair removal on the body are not reimbursed

Package: 5 +1 free!

Would you rather buy a package? When purchasing a package you pay 5 treatments and you get 1 treatment for free.

Ladies Diode
laser or Elos
Old package
New package
Upper lip€60,-€39,-€300,-€195,-
Full face€150,-€100,-€750,- €500,-
Bikini-line Small€85,-€70,- €425,-€350,-
Bikini-line Medium€110,- €89,-€550,-€445,-
Bikini-line Big(total)€140,-€105,-€700,-€525,-
Whole legs€320,-€199,-€1600,-€995,-
Lower or
Upper legs
Whole arms€200,-€150,-€1000,-€750,-
Lower or
Whole back€210,-€150,-€1050,-€750,-
Lower back€135,-€85,-€675,-€425,-
Armpit+Bikini small-line€180,-€95,-€900,-€475,-
Upper Legs or
Lower legs + armpit + bikini small
Whole legs
+armpit+bikini small

By final laser removal you have:

– Never bother with stubble and shave irritations

– no ingrown hairs

– no inflammation of the hair roots (folliculitis)

– a smooth and even skin and you are forever from your unwanted hair growth

Final laser removal with the Diode laser is the most effective hair removal method and is suitable for any skin type. On average, five to eight treatments are required for a lasting result. Call for a free advice and test session

Permanent hair removal for men and women.

Several Permanent hair removal treatments.

Beauty Clinic Lotus in Amsterdam has 3 permanent hair removal treatments:

  • Epilfree. Hair removal on a natural basis
  • Diode laser. Painless hair removal suitable for all skin types
  • Elos Technique. Painless hair removal, exceptionally safe

For more specific information about permanent hair removal, look under permanent hair removal on our site.

Our method
Before the hair removal treatment you will have a free consultation. This way the skin therapist can assess your skin and make a treatment plan. The different hair removal methods will be explained and if necessary a test is carried out on your lower arm. We will also discuss the possibilities for reimbursement and we’ll answer all your questions. During the first consultation we’ll make an appointment for the first treatment.

For a free consultation about our permanent hair removal treatments in Amsterdam, you can fill out the contact form or ring 020-7732335. Ask for our special offers!

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