EM-musclesculptfor a muscular flat stomach and toned buttocks, legs and arms.

Trial treatment now 50% discount for € 99,- instead of € 200,-

Builds up muscles and shapes your body
EM-musclesculpt is the latest bodyshaping treatment and works very effectively to increase muscle mass,  tighten the body  and also burn fat tissue.


How does it work?
The treatment is based on a high-frequency electromagnetic field. From this powerful pulses are emitted on the area to be treated. This creates maximum muscle contractions that cannot be achieved during a workout.  workout without working out!
The muscles are forced to adapt to these powerful muscle contractions. This process increases the muscle density, the number of muscle fibers but also the volume of each muscle fiber. This results in a strengthened muscle with more volume. These muscle contractions also cause the burning of fat cells. During a 30-minute treatment, no less than 20,000 muscle contractions occur. The efficacy and safety of the EM-musclesculpt treatment has been tested in 13 multicenter studies using the most renowned scientific methods. Muscle mass has also been observed to increase by as much as 16% on average.

When we want to look more toned, it’s not just about fat. Our body also consists of  30-40% muscle tissue. A tighter and flatter belly, with a better definition of muscles or firm and round buttocks, it is now possible with the EM-musclesculpt!

What does the treatment look like?
The treatment starts with a consultation in which the wishes and objectives are discussed.
A treatment lasts 30 minutes without downtime and can be (physically) compared to an intensive workout.
During treatment, you will be lying on your back or abdomen (depending on the area to be treated).The handpieces are put on the body and fastened with an elastic band. Through the handpieces comes the electromagnetic energy, very focused on the area to be treated. The handpieces send powerful pulses to the muscles which causes contractions in the muscles.

The EM-musclesculpt provides strong (maximum) muscle contractions that are not achievable during an intensive workout. The muscles react to these strong muscle contractions and become thicker because both the number of muscle fibers and the volume of each muscle fiber increases separately. During these contractions, the muscles use the fat cells in the body as an energy source, causing the fat cells to collapse.

The treatment works in a course of 4 to 6 sessions spread over 2-3 weeks with 2-3 days between each treatment. This creates the optimal result.
· No downtime, you can return to work  immediately after treatment
· For anyone who wants improvement in muscle mass and decrease in fat





There are many different questions about this new innovative treatment. We have therefore listed the most frequently asked questions for you:

 When do I see results? And how long is it going to last?
Optimal result is usually visible 2-4 weeks after the last treatment, after which the muscle building continues for a few more weeks. The result remains visible for 4 to 6 months and requires a single maintenance treatment 2-3 times a year.

Does it hurt? And what are the side effects?
-The EM-musclesculpt procedure is not painful and non-invasive.
-And there is no recovery time after treatment. Muscle pain hardly occurs or does not occur.

Who is this treatment suitable for?
This treatment is suitable for both men and women who want to tone, strengthen and volumizetheir muscles, as well as the burning of fat.


WATCH OUT! The EM-musclesculpt treatment is  NOT suitable for people with the following:
–                 A pacemaker
–                 Metal implants (or screws)
–                 A copper spiral
–                 Pregnancy (or breastfeeding)
–                 A BMI higher than 25 (this treatment is not effective)
–                 A belly fat fold larger than 5cm (otherwise first cryolipolise and then EM-musclesculpt )
–                 Connective tissue or muscle disorders



single treatment € 200, –

Trial treatment now 50% discount for € 99,- instead of € 200,-

Tighter stomach, buttocks, arms and legs (4 sessions) from € 800 now for € 399

Tighter stomach, buttocks, arms and legs (5 sessions) from € 1000 now for € 499

Tighter stomach, buttocks, arms and legs (6 sessions) from € 1200 now for € 599,-

Tighter stomach, buttocks, arms and legs (8 sessions) from € 1600, – now for € 799, – (e.g. 4x buttocks and 4x stomach / or 4x arms and 4x legs)

Tighter stomach, buttocks, arms and legs (10 sessions) from € 2000, – now for € 999, – (e.g. 5x buttocks and 5x stomach / or 5x arms and 5x legs)

Tighter stomach, buttocks, arms and legs (12 sessions) from € 2400, – now for € 1199, – (e.g. 6x buttocks and 6x stomach / or 6x arms and 6x legs)

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