Cosmetic Pedicure

You will know the slogan: “Treat yourself to a new pair of feet!”

The treatment of feet gets ever more attention in body-care.

Treatment of the feet is aimed at beauty, care and relaxation. Cared for feet signal good personal hygiene. They have do the most work and are almost the most burdened part of our body.

How important is it to know your feet are treated well and are care for? We offer you service and expertise so you can relax in the treatment chair.

You can choose from three fantastic treatments for your feet. All three are aimed at a thorough care for you feet. If you choose a more extensive treatment you can also count on an extra massage and relaxation.

Footcare Classic € 45,00 (file, cuticles, paint)

Footcare Deluxe € 65,00 (file, cuticles, remove calluses, massage, paint)


We do only cosmetic foot care, not medical foot care

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